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         A graduate of Laurentian University with an honours degree in Geography,
Mr. Ducker spent many years of teaching as a Principal and Primary Specialist in various Ontario schools. The most enjoyable times were the fifteen years as Kindergarten teacher at the Morson Public School near Lake of the Woods. Now retired, he has completed a book of memoirs entitled Don't Wake The Teacher documenting these special years of this unique school,  published and released
October 2004.

         His book of poetry  titled "Observations of Heart and Mind", is completed and with a released date for January 2007, is another long awaited goal accomplished.
          Avid interests are writing short stories and poems, several have been published in several international literary magazine and journal and anthologies.

         Two of his Haiku poems, "September 11" and "Anguish", concerning the event of September 11th, 2001 have been published in a compiliation book
"A Time of Trial - Beyond the Terror of 9/11" by Hidden Book Press.

Mr. Ducker also has four  educational articles published:
          1.) Dissertation Regarding Early Entry Into Kindergarten
          2.) The Non-Competitive Festival vs The Competitive Festival
          3.) Increased Emotional Disturbance In the Primary Grades.
          4.) You Reap What You Sow, Ministry Of Education.

He is a member of The Film, Arts, Media, Entertainment of Durham
Region; The Writers' Circle of Durham Region; the Durham Folklore
Society; The Canadian Federation Of Poets; and the Canada  Cuba Literary Alliance and the Canadian Authors Association
; The Ontario Poetry Society.

         Mr. Ducker has enjoyed media interviews with his book "Don't Wake The Teacher!" on television and newspapers and guest speaking relating his experience in teaching in northwestern Ontario and on his book.

          Referring to himself as 'The Pragmatic Poet' , he has established a website with some of his poems and short stories.

When not writing some of his other interests include canoeing, camping, composing music, amateur prospecting and background acting. Mr. Ducker resides in Oshawa with his wife, Stella; and his pride and joy is his grandson, Robert.



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