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Observation of Mind and Heart, J. Graham Ducker, Poet

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Released February 2007
ISBN 978-1-894553-83-4


Observation of Heart and Mind
J. Graham Ducker      $15.95

Published by Hidden Brook Press
Soft Cover   123 page www.hiddenbrookpress.com


Graham's poems
some humourist, some sentimental,
some are thought provoking but
Never boring!

What J. Graham Ducker does so well is:   he observes and then comments from his emotional experience (heart) and from his intellect (mind).  Ruth E. Walker, A Founding Editor of LICHEN Arts & Letters Preview

Funk and Wagnalls dictionary defines pragmatic as practical cause and effect. In my humble opinion J. Graham Ducker is anything but cold and calculating. His poems show a dry, sensitive, intelligent wit and humor that is possessed by very few. Every poem is written from the heart and the mind of a truly enigmatic, not pragmatic, man.
Jay C. Hershberg, First President of The Ontario Poetry Society

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October 2004 Release
ISBN 1-894553-54-3
Don't Wake The Teacher! 

Published by Hidden Brook Press
Author J. Graham Ducker
Stellar Showcase Book Distributor

Don't Wake The Teacher  is a book which deals with the Morson Public School (Ontario) with special emphasis on the Kindergarten between 1971-l981.

The book will appeal to educators who will appreciate the special moments and techniques used in the school.  The general population will enjoy the many anecdotes and short stories interspersed among the descriptions.

An inspirational overview of an innovative teacher's experiences in a unique Northwestern Ontario school."
Paul Jackson, Retired Elementary School Principal for McCrosson School.

"The love of children is reflected in this fine book. This wonderful piece of educational literature should be in the library of
every school in Ontario. Every teacher should read this book, particularly those in the Primary Grades."

J. M. Steele, Retired Director of Education for the Fort Frances Rainy River Board School Board.

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A Sampling of The Pragmatic Poet's Poems
Published by J.Graham Publishing
Poet - Graham Ducker

Chapbook  collection of 17  of the Pragmatic Poet, aka Graham Ducker's poems.
Info or Order  info@grahamducker.com
Love Poem
The University Thesis
Ode To A Grecian Urge
The Legacy of Bill Gates
Ode To the Rolaid
Valentines Day

You Came Into My Shop Today
I Can't Explain That
I Turned The Coffee On
The Keys
2 Haiku Poems:  re: Sept 11 Event

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