J. Graham Ducker
Canadian Published Author
'Don't Wake The Teacher'

The book captured a time and place never to be experienced again.
Entertaining, vivid, poignant and humorous, with a warm
'feel-good' that remains long after you've read the book. 

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              'Don't Wake The Teacher'
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        The book is entertaining, humorous, with a 'feel-good'
sensitivity through a succession of flash-backs, biographical sketches and photos.

        "Don't Wake The Teacher" based on the author's experience of a unique school that will appeal to educators who will appreciate the special moments and techniques used. The general population will enjoy the many anecdotes and short stories interspersed among the descriptions.

          The book does several things for the reader. It is a how-to book for good teaching. It shows how things have changed in our education system. It makes us laugh. And it leaves us with hope that others involved in education are giving the same dedication to the teaching profession.  Kim Grove ( Media Release - was with the Globe & Mail))    
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