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Observations of Heart and Mind



What J. Graham Ducker does so well is:     He observes and then comments from his emotional experience (heart) and from his intellect (mind).  
Ruth E. Walker, A Founding Editor of LICHEN Arts & Letters Preview
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Graham's poems –
Some humourist, some sentimental,
some are thought provoking but
Never boring!

Sample some of my Poetry

       Funk and Wagnall’s dictionary defines pragmatic as practical cause and effect. In my humble opinion J. Graham Ducker is anything but cold and calculating.
        His poems show a dry, sensitive, intelligent wit and humor that is possessed by very few. Every poem is written from the heart and the mind of a truly enigmatic, not pragmatic, man.
Jay C. Hershberg,
            First President of The Ontario Poetry Society

Graham Ducker has taken rhyming poetry to an art form, and with this, he takes his reader on a journey of whimsy in a testament to hope and happiness.
Tracy Lynn Repchuk,
President & Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets

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Observation of Mind and Heart, J. Graham Ducker, Poet









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ISBN 13: 978-1-894553-83-4
Soft Cover
Cover Art by J. Graham Ducker
123 pages
Published by Hidden Brook Press





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