The Constituent




  There was a voter, Canadian 'hoper',
Who met his M.P. one day.
I was waiting there, in a nearby chair,
So I heard the constituent say:

'Term number three is what I read and see,
Which will probably be like number one.
What I mean to say, in a courteous way,
Is: Mr. M.P., What have you done?'

Well, the M.P. turned, and kinda squirmed,
Rushing to collect his thoughts.
*In a flash of balderdash,
I'll soon put him to naughts.*

"With out a doubt, I've put out
More pamphlets, papers and things
Of inane news in government mews;
And I'm there when the sitting bell rings!"

Across his face I saw a trace
Of absolute disillusionment.
The voters hadn't learned! They'd returned
Ineptness to parliament.

It was evident the constituent
Had manners and aplomb.
'Probably in vain, I'll ask again:
Mr. M.P., what have you done?'

"In committees, on many settees,
We've haggled about judicial wrongs.
We've chitted and chatted; ripped and ratted..."
'That's fine, but what have you DONE?'

"I'm on committee A, on committee B,
Committees C, D, E, F, and G!
We talk about crime; how it's about time
The government did something. You agree?"

Quite obviously, the constituent, he
Wasn't advancing very far.
'Well, I guess for you, at best,
You're as useless as others are.

People are lost! Crime has no cost!
You're punished for killing a cat!
The young offeners are hardcore contenders!!

"Well, it's not up to me." said the M.P.,
"I'd hate to do anything contentious!"
'Why are you there; with your nose in the air,
Demonstrating you really resent us?!'

"Well, it takes time a law to design..."
The M.P. now really was squirming.
'I know damn well, it sure as hell,
Doesn't take seven years of learning!!'

He spun on his heel. I had to feel
For him and the time he had spent
To make in-roads with one of the toads
We manage to send parliament.

It's too much to hope for someone who'd cope
With REAL LIFE in our parliament.
But unless it gains someone with brains,
General Public is doomed to lament!!

  J. Graham Ducker  



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