The single plate clinked the single cup

beside the single fork and knife.

He hadn't felt this giddy

Since early college life.


Wash the dishes, remove the trash

was each days routine.

The dreariness of life droned on until

her departing form hed seen.


Hed met her at the garbage shaft

when her walker bumped his cane.

Now, with anticipation running high,

he hoped to meet again.


Hed smiled as he took her tiny bag

and put it down the chute,

meanwhile unobtrusively noting

how her dainty hands were cute


Hed said, Oh its quite alright.

when she apologized,

while intentionally memorizing

the sparkle in her eyes.


Was her schedule the same as his?

Had he missed her times before?

She lived just down the way from him

where WELCOME hung on the door.


Should he take that box of shortbreads

some five doors down the hall?

Perhaps ask her to share a pot of tea?

Oh, what was the protocol?


So, clutching his little bag of scraps,

he stood behind his door;

glanced out through the peephole,

and hoped to meet once more.


J.Graham Ducker


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