I Canít Explain That


Marriage is great, so they say

Ďn I'd like to concur in some way

But my wife just up and left today,

So, I canít say much about that.


When we was wed, her family taunted

That she'd get the things she wanted.

They even said the house was haunted!

Now what kind of start was that?


I never asked for fancy dishes:

Burgers and fries is all I wishes.

I even let her clean the fishes!

Yuh can't ask for better Ďn that.


I bought a beater for the rugs;

cleaned the drains when they got plugged,

Ďn there really weren't too many bugs.

Not too many places like that.


The glass-ribbed washer was the very best,

Ďn hand-cranked clothes made little mess.

Why she left is anyone's guess.

I can't explain actions like that.


The outhouse seat was sanded well.

She ainít had a sliver in quite a spell.

Now she tells me to go tí hell!

I'm at a loss about that.


Iíll have to ponder just when and why

Things began to go awry.

Until then Iíll really try

To explain something like that


My advice to a prospective hubby:

It matters not if youíre plain or chubby,

Just treat her right, and donít be grubby.

At least I know about that.


 © J.Graham Ducker






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