While enjoying toast and coffee,

I was waxing philosophically

about how thankful we should be

for a loaf of bread.


Recalling homey past events,

t’was a basic list of ingredients,

with warming pans and kneading dents,

that filled the house with tasty scents

of baking homemade bread.


A sudden chill came over me.

The materials used read endlessly,

like a course in Chemistry,

across that loaf of bread!


Enriched flour,

Whey powder,


Some yeast,


Cysteine hydrochloride,

Potassium bromate,

Calcium sulphate,

(known as Plaster of Paris),

Calcium phosphate,

Calcium propionate,

Going inside of us.

Corn flour,

Soybean flour,

Sugar, salt and lard,

Sodium steroyl,


‘Digesting’ this is hard.

Some thiamine,

Dash of niacin,

Bit of riboflavin.

With any luck

we'll self-destruct

from all this bread we're cravin'.


So, looking back in retrospect,

perhaps we more closely should inspect

the foods we intend to ‘inject’,

like a loaf of bread.



© J.Graham Ducker



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